Our Team

Our Team

Manish Patel

Mr. Manish Patel brings over 35 years of advisory services experience in implementing project roll-outs related to environmental (water treatment and management, waste treatment) infrastructure, consulting, and ICT, across multiple domains (telecom, retail, chemicals, logistics, multi-specialty hospitals, information and communications technology, environment, etc). Founder of Aspect Management Services Pvt Ltd, Mr. Patel specializes in owners-side consulting on strategy, business planning, systems and processes.

As a charter member of TiE, Mr. Patel is involved in mentoring international companies, Indian startups, and medium-sized business companies to develop business in India. Throughout his career, Mr. Patel has had a focused commitment to excellence through strategic and tactical planning, team-building, and positive leadership.

Having founded multiple businesses, Mr. Patel has significant experience and success with managing and growing companies. He’s the Independent Director of public listed companies: Genesys International Corporation and GI Engineering Solutions listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange, as well as a member of a couple of non-profit trusts. He founded and manages Aspectech International Research Foundation, a Section VIII non-profit Environment Foundation.

Mr. Patel, is associated as an Senior Managing Director with Investment Bankers, Boustead & Co. and was also associated with Quomundo AG and Stonehedge. Mr. Patel is also working on a number of infrastructure and environment related initiatives with entrepreneurs and scientists across the globe creating economical products, services and solutions which will enable the global community to overcome Climate Change.

Prior to founding Aspect, Mr. Patel worked in senior-level management positions with several firms including: Reliance Industries Ltd, Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd, Rolta India Ltd and has worked as an advisor to Rhenus Logistics, Omkar Realtors, HAI Automotive, an NSC of Nissan India, Tutis Technologies, Shah Technical Consultants, Datametica Big Data Solutions and Magnum Heart Institute.

Mr. Patel aspires to contribute positively and significantly in the areas of climate change and in the areas of utilising the ancient Vedic knowledge and practicies in day-to-day management practices to create perpetual institutions and initiatives.

Prof. B.N. Karkera
Technical Director

Prof. B.N. Karkera, is Retired BARC Senior Scientist and Engineer; chairman of 12th Batch Officers Association working on numerous concepts to save the environment and owner of multiple patents(such as Energy potential in Ocean and water, Anti-Gravity Force, Concept of Renpani and Nextgen Hydropower, and other concepts include Sailing saucer, Gravity free transportation, Cancer Hadron Therapy process). He is a FIE of the Institution of Engineers (India); FELLOW, IAEA, Vienna, Austria; awardee of Lifetime Achievement Award, NITK – AA and Technical Director, Aspectech International Development Research Foundation.

Prof. Karkera, received number of honors and recognitions through Prime Minister, President of India and IAEA, for his contributions on (i) Medical Cyclotron Project – Dedicated to Nation by Hon. Prime Minister of India; (ii) 500 keV E.B.I. Accelerator – Inaugurated by Hon. Prime Minister of India; (iii) HUD for L.C.A. Aircraft – Honored by Hon. President of India (com.- Dir. CSIO); (iv) VBT- 2.34m Optical Telescope – Inaugurated by Hon. Prime Minister of India; (v) First Fast Reactor: ‘PURNIMA’- IAEA Fellowship was awarded for Post Graduate studies in Reactor Physics & Technology, University of Birmingham, UK.

Additionally, he was an Associate Director, Central Scientific Instruments Organisation, Chandigarh; Scientific Advisor, DEBEL, DRDO, CV Raman Nagar, Bangalore; Professor of Nuclear Technology, MIT, MU, Manipal; Adjunct Professor, NITK Surathkal, Mangalore; Adjunct Professor, NIAS, TIFR, IISc Campus, Bangalore; Director, Karnataka Government Research Center Sahyadri, SCEM Campus, Mangalore.

Aayush Sinha
Research Scientist and Engineer

Mr. Aayush Sinha is a Nuclear Engineer, Physicist, a Chess Player and a Research Scholar. He has completed his Postgraduation in Applied Mathematics and Physics, from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University), Russia. He had pursued his research at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia, on “Simulation of an experiment for studying the structure of an unbound 10Li nucleus in the reaction 9Li(2H, p)10Li performed in inverse kinematics”, as a student of MIPT. He has devoted last nine years of his life in exploring the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). He has a strong background in Experimental Physics and Nuclear Engineering. Mr. Sinha has numerous scientific contribution in the fields of Experimental Physics, Nuclear Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Technologies.

Currently, he has just initiated a fundamental-research-mission on “Using gravity field for economically powering the planet Earth and phasing out all the existing thermal and nuclear power plants”. Mr. Aayush Sinha along with Prof. B.N. Karkera, had submitted their project proposal to principle scientist, CERN, Geneva. They proposed an experimental setup for researching on “Energy Creation from Nothingness by Force-Fields”. He is strongly aiming for finding a new physics for better understanding the fundamental behavior of energy creation by all types of force-fields.

His contributions in science and engineering are: (i) conceptualizing of a new alternative method of magnetic confinement in the fusion reactor; (ii) Ocean-Contained-Nuclear-Farms integrated with Global-Free-Gravity Transportation for restoring climate-health to the best condition of Stone-Age Period; (iii) advance-engineering of the overall design of the tubular motor, for the R&D of Hyperloop and Maglev Transportation, etc.