Aquasol – Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant

In line with our innovations we bring Aquasol packaged sewage treatment plant housed in specially designed and highly durable FRP tank which are compact, and can be utilized in decentralized manner at any location, either underground or above the ground. The Aquasol Package STP is designed to bring the treated sewage parameters (BOD, COD, TSS, TN etc.) below the permissible limit stipulated by Pollution Control Boards

Primary Treatment

Raw sewage from screen chamber is directed to an oxygen- depleted anaerobic zone where solids are separated allowing scum to float. Water then enters the anoxic zone wherein de-nitrification of sewage is accomplished by returning activated sludge from the secondary clarifier. Dissolved oxygen level is maintained around 0.2-0.5 PPM in this zone, which helps anoxic microbes to break down the existing nitrates, resulting in release of inert nitrogen gas.

Secondary Treatment

Sewage then flows into the aeration zone in which the aeration is induced by an air blower and aerobic bacteria results in biological decomposition of organic matter. The MBBR media inside the aeration zone increases the surface area forming a bio-film layer which enhances the BOD removal.

Tertiary Treatment

Tertiary treatment is given to remove the suspended particles, color and odour by passing secondary treated sewage through pressure sand filter and activated carbon filter respectively. Finally the treated water is disinfected before disposal/reuse.

Key PointsAquasol MBBR – PSTPOther STP
PerformanceDecomposition of organic waste is consistent throughout the yearSeasonal variation is observed
Monitoring of MLSS and F/M ratioRequiredNot Required
Sludge removalOnce in 18-24 monthsOnce a month
Chemicals and Equipment for sludge dewatering and treatmentNot Required
Skilled supervisionNot RequiredRequired
Operation and maintenance cost70% reduction compared to conventional STPs

Application & Uses

  • Residential Complex
  • Commercial Complex
  • Public Garden
  • National Park
  • Hotel & Resort
  • Restaurant
  • Industry
  • Institution
  • Hospital
  • Temple
  • Government Office
  • Labour Quarter
  • Township
  • Hostel