Renpani is a seawater desalination technology which runs without need of any process fuel. It has a Simple, Economical Design and Shorter project-implementation-cycle.

Renpani is a seawater desalination technology which runs without need of any process fuel. It has a Simple, Economical-Design and Shorter project-implementation-cycle. The pioneering experiment regarding measurement of pressure was conducted by Torricelli in 1644. But real theoretical understanding of the phenomena began after 1685, when Issac Newton defined acceleration due to gravity (g).

Mathematically, pressure (P = dgh) is only dependent on density (d) of fluid, and independent of other characteristics. The height (h) of a mercury column in a barometer is 0.76 m (or 760 mm), as shown in the above figure. If the water barometer are constructed, then the height of water column must be 10.33 m (or 33 feet).

Working Principle of Renpani Technology

In our Renpani Technology, water rises up to 10.1234 m by gravity push and enters into the boiler chamber. Within the boiler chamber, the centibar vacuum pressure is maintained to boil river/sea water at room temperature. This results in an evaporation of water at room temperature and hence rises in the form of cloud gas. The cloud gas experience in a change in velocity due to pressure gradient. This allows cloud gas to rise from boiler chamber to cloud chamber.

Within the cloud chamber, a mist collector separates 83% of wet steam from this cloud gas. This 83% of steam is naturally collected and pumped out as fresh water by gravity pull. Hence, no additional mechanical pump is required, for pumping -out the water from vacuum to an atmosphere. The rest 17% of dry steam along with dissolved air are extracted-out, using a nominal vacuum pump. In the entire process of this Renpani technology, the science of gravity push-pull is working naturally to produce 1 million liters of fresh water per day, in our demo project at Badlapur. Thus makes Renpani technology an efficient and economical machine for producing fresh water.

We are looking forward to implement this Renpani technology all over the world, with an additional benefit of producing electricity using gravity power. From this Renpani technology, we are looking forward for a bigger goal to phase-out all the thermal power plants on economical grounds. This steps up our Renpani Technology to solve climate change problem and hence, rejuvenating the entire planet Earth in upcoming decades.

Isometric View of Renpani Technology

The Renpani Technology

Elevation View of Renpani Technology

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