Information & facility security audits: Management is difficult. There is no cost-effective means to validate that all stops in all rounds were actually made, and all required tasks executed. Facilities management and security operations share a common challenge — both require a highly accurate audit trail for proof of compliance.

IT system audits: Technology Audit (TA) enables organization leaders understand the present IT utilization levels. The Audit process typically begins by understanding the vision, mission and the business goals of the customer. A high level mapping of the current IT deployment in relation to the business objectives is carried out, and possible gaps between the business objectives and IT deployment is observed and noted.

Process audits:An effective process is one that achieves the results that are intended – i.e. the objectives. An effectively managed process is a process in which the activities, resources and behaviours are planned, organized and controlled in a way that the outcomes meet specified objective.

Applications implementation: Deliver the technology and manpower you need to rapidly introduce, update & control access to applications. Your communication systems consist of numerous components, each requiring smart integration to work effectively. We have the resources to help you bridge legacy to next generation applications. With our Application Implementation service, you can rest assured that your new and legacy applications will work seamlessly together. The result – faster, more effective response times.