Program Management: Aspect program management provide you with the people capabilities, processes and tools to successfully manage your business and / or IT transformation programs by leveraging a consistent program and portfolio management framework. Our clients specifically value our program management consulting expertise together with our program management methodology and the overall solutions.

Vendor Management: Regardless of what business you’re in, vendors play a key role in the success of your business. Using the following vendor management best practices to build a mutually strong relationship with your vendors will strengthen your company’s overall performance in the marketplace.

Resource Management: The process of using a company’s resources in the most efficient way possible. These resources can include tangible resources such as goods and equipment, financial resources, and labor resources such as employees.

Delivery Management: Delivery Management is a much broader scale of project management. It is the organization, administration, and supervision of the people, processes, and technologies, which when combined into a comprehensive plan, provides the business and technical functions needed to successfully achieve what a client expects to receive.

Business Process Validation: Effectively managing quality within your company to support business processes requires deep collaboration between system architects, technical implementers and end business users. At each level of the business process, there are specific Stakeholders that should participate by building and by using Aspect means of methodologies that validate component level, service level or business process level behaviors.

User acceptance Testing: User acceptance testing (UAT) is the last phase of the software testing process. During UAT, actual software users test the software to make sure it can handle required tasks in real-world scenarios, according to specifications. UAT is important because it helps demonstrate that required business functions are operating in a manner suited to real-world circumstances and usage.

Implementation Audits: The implementation of a new system is a busy, stressful time. It’s easy for some features to fall through the cracks. A system implementation audit can ensure that your association accomplishes everything it wanted at the start of the process.