Using Project Management Information Systems (PMIS) for Better Results

To manage project effectively the project management team has to understand project stakeholders’ expectations and keep them updated accordingly. Project Management Information System (PMIS) are system tools and techniques used in project management to support in achieving their objectives. PMIS enables project managers to gather, process and distribute information to its stakeholders.  PMIS need to be defined at the early stages of a project and need to be fine-tuned as the project progresses.

PMIS actively helps to plan, execute, monitor and control project goals. A communications plan is prepared as part of Project Management plan considering it’s information needs.

PMIS provides common understanding about the project status across the project stakeholders. It is the most critical and reliable source of information to the stake holders to know about the progress.of their projects. As the PMIS is used across the stakeholders, it acts as an enabler in the project performance.

Major components of PMIS could revolve around cost, schedule and quality dimensions. MIS   could be categorized as variance reports, forecasting reports, status reports, and escalations procedures and so on. These factors are all pervasive and need to be planned, monitored and controlled on ongoing basis.  The project management team need to be deliberate on measurement policies like approach to status reporting, frequency of data reporting, data gathering techniques, etc.

A web-based, centralized PMIs enables the project team to gather and publish the information to the stake holders. Drilled down and roller up reports helps to get into the complexities of various project areas and take action to manage the project better.

PMIS is essentially part of organizational MIS system where the data from other projects / programs is collated to create valuable data base. Such data base can be used for planning future projects and managing project portfolio in the organization.

‘Let Stakeholders know about project status – good or bad’